PSC 282: Community-based Development Projects (4 credits), (SS), (IG), (NW), (W)

Ghana is called "Africa for beginners" because of its peaceful history, English-speaking population, and traveler friendly infrastructure. It is a destination popular to those simply curious about Africa and those who want to spend years abroad as a volunteer, aid worker, international businessperson, or Foreign Service officer. On our trip we visit the bustling capital of Accra where you will homestay with families along the coast and Kumasi where you'll visit a king's palace and spend a day with a market woman in the central market. For most the highlight of our trip is the week spent in rural farming communities of Nabdam. Here students attune themselves to the daily rhythms of village life while implementing student and community-designed development projects. Your life will be changed as you learn about the struggles of the world's poor and how to responsibly help your fellow man.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Kevin S. Fridy, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies
WHERE: Ghana
WHEN: Course meets Spring Term and travels May 10- 25, 2020
COST: $4,100 not including the cost of tuition
DEADLINE: November 1, 2019






"When I first turned to my mom 2 years ago and said 'I want to go to Ghana' she looked at me like I had drunk Koolaid. Today, as, a senior graduating with 2 degrees, an alumni of the Timothy M. Smith honors travel grant and now, a Fulbright grantee, I can promise you neither her, nor I, view myself the same. It was the time I spent in Ghana that I developed a love for international cultural immersion, developed the empowerment that comes from introspective exploration, and really appreciated the notion of what it means to be a global citizen. The Ghana trip served as the best platform for instilling these passions within me while serving to challenge me and foster my personal and academic growth in ways I could not have anticipated before participating in the course." - Victoria (2016)

"My travels to Ghana immersed me in a different culture and way of life as well as connected my academic background with real experiences to the challenges of development, democracy and governance. From this experience I grew a deeper connection not only to Ghana but for the African continent. I furthered my studies on Africa in graduate school and took internships pertaining to Africa, which enabled me to get a position at the International Republican Institute in their Africa division in Washington D.C." - Rachel (2014)

"The Ghana course ultimately erased all doubts I had about pursuing a career in international development. It was an important stepping stone towards my attainment of a Masters in International Development from a UK university and the Ghana community development trip was worthwhile experience for my entry into the development field." - Thierry (2012)

"Participating in the UT Ghana course as a sophomore opened the door to a number of academic and professional opportunities. My group project for the course was to establish a small community library. Upon my return to Tampa, I continued to pursue my interest in education by working as an intern at the Akilah Institute for Women, a non-profit organization started by a Tampa native that provides higher education and training opportunities for young women in Rwanda. These experiences led to a semester abroad at Oxford University as part of the UT Honors program and after graduation, I returned to Europe to pursue my Masters in International Relations. Today, I am working in Paris, France at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in the Directorate for Education and Skills. Dr. Fridy's UT Ghana course was undoubtedly an important catalyst that has helped shape my career today." - Caitlyn (2010)

"UT's study abroad in Ghana was my first experience traveling in Africa, and it certainly contributed to my decision to pursue a career in international development. After graduating from UT, I returned to the region as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and later pursued a Master of Public Health and transitioned to a large humanitarian organization that focuses on empowering women and girls around the world. At the very least, this course will open students' eyes to the diversity of the world they live in-- and for some, it may well be one step towards defining their life's passion and work." - Erin (2010)